About Us

In July 2018 I was at home and out from work due to an injury. I was out for 6 months when I received a letter from my employer stating that my services were no longer needed. I was still injured so I couldn't seek other employment. Despite my pride, I applied for Welfare in order to get help. 

It was during this ordeal that MindsetMattersTees was born. I invested every penny I had into starting a business and investing in my education and training. The Goal of MindsetMattersTees is to provide fundamental, foundational messaging to uplift people, create legacy and build community. 

MindsetMattersTees will help you change your mindset through positive focused messaging. You can effect great change in your life once you get your mind focused in the right direction. I am a perfect example of this as I was able to lose 75 pounds through changing my mindset and focusing on positive affirmations to keep me motivated. MindsetMattersTees is an essential tool in your quest for changing your life and it starts with Mindset.